Tips & Guidelines

Listen up guys! If you are planning on popping the question, we realize that it can be overwhelming. After all, it’s only the most important question you’ll ever ask. Not only are you filled with emotions, but there’s a great deal of consideration that should be put into the timing and setting of this event, making sure no small detail gets overlooked. In an effort to help you create the picture perfect proposal, here are some details that can’t be missed.

Make Sure She Feels her Best

It’s important to “prep” your significant other for the big moment by making sure she is ready. Every woman wants to look and feel their best during this big moment in their life. Since you’ll inevitably want a close up picture of the ring, make sure she has a manicure. One way to ensure she is ready for the big moment is by treating her to a spa day, which would include a manicure.

You’ll also want to make sure she’s dressed for the occasion. You can steer her by suggesting outfits or by surprising her with a special outfit for the evening.

When it comes time to take pictures, make sure she doesn’t have her sunglasses on or a big bag in the way. Less accessories will make for better pictures. Before you get down on one knee, perhaps you remove them and place them nearby and out of the way.

Have your Story Ready

If you are surprising her, make sure that you have your story ready for all of the questions she will certainly ask. She will most likely want to know where you’re going, what you’re doing, etc. Having (and rehearsing!) a plan will ensure that you are smooth sailing when the big moment arrives.

Mind your Browsing History

If you have been browsing the internet looking for engagement rings, tips for creating the perfect proposal, and planning the details of popping the question, be sure to clear your browsing history. It would be horribly disappointing if that’s how she uncovered your plans!

Keep it on the Down Low

You may want to consider creating a fake email account to avoid her finding out that you are planning the perfect proposal. This will allow you to communicate with your proposal planner without having to worry about her finding the details.

Hire a proposal photographer

This is a once in a lifetime moment that you’ll want to capture in order to relive for years to come. By hiring a professional photographer, you can ensure that your pictures turn out perfectly so that you canshare the moment with friends and family in the future.


Putting in real effort, thought, and love into your proposal will make all the difference. Remember, your proposal doesn't have to change the world. It just has to show your partner that they mean the world to you.

How We Can Help

By hiring a proposal planner and professional photographer, you can alleviate the stress and create a proposal that turns out flawlessly. That’s where Glendeline and Julien come in. As experts in their field, no detail, no matter how small, will go overlooked. Contact us today to help plan your perfect proposal in Aruba.