The Ring Box



If you ask us, the engagement is equally as important as the wedding day. We know the effort it takes to organize the proposal on the quiet. It's no secret, a lot of thought can go into planning a proposal, getting it right down to the exact detail from the ring buying to the timing and the location.

A proposal is one of life's most challenging yet most rewarding actions, and it's actions like these that you must cherish your partner's first reaction forever.

As soon as these special moments occur, they're gone in a heartbeat, and the memories of it fade with time. Preserve them moments with the only state of the art ring box on Aruba. This is no ordinary box; its built-in camera allows you to secretly capture their unrehearsed and genuine reaction to your proposal.

Whether you choose to rent or purchase it, this ring box is an excellent addition to a photographer. On the contrary, if you prefer a private moment, it captures their reaction, as the camera in the box gets the perfect wide-angle. It also records the audio, the nice words you will say to your partner.

After you've placed the ring on their finger, you have the option to notify your loved ones instantly. This box has built-in Bluetooth, send to your phone, and submit to your families to spread the news!

Make your proposal stick by preserving this beautiful moment forever.